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Election politics thumbnail

Political advertising

25 February 2015

What constitutes a political ad for the purposes of the Code, and when do such advertisements fall within the remit of the Advertising Standards Authority?

Advertisers reminded of the need to be clear with kids online

05 February 2015

We are advising advertisers to review their online marketing to children to check that it’s obviously identifiable as advertising.

Making online marketing communications to children clearly identifiable

05 February 2015

We are advising marketers to ensure they make clear when online content is marketing material.

Valentines day dating

CAP's guide to dating services

28 January 2015

Competition between online dating businesses can be fierce, but marketers need to remember that customers want a website that’s ‘decent, honest and truthful’, not just good-looking.

2014: Four rulings in two minutes

15 January 2015

In 2014 the ASA published over 700 rulings, this article provides a selection of rulings which offer a diverse collection of discrete learning points under the Codes.

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